Bronze and LED light sculptures inspired by the beauty of nature.

Dublin-based Irish artist Niamh Barry established her own studio practice soon after graduating from the National College Of Art and Design in 1991. Since then, she has become one of the world’s leading artists who work with LEDs, a technology she adopted early on in her career. Indeed, Niamh Barry is a pioneer in the use of LED technology to create sculptural works. Throughout her work which she describes as “three dimensional drawings in bronze and light”, the artist draws inspiration from nature and the beauty of small things. For example, from the graceful movement of birds in flight, the light filtering through the branches of a tree in the middle of winter, cloud formations, and landscape features. Fire is also an important source of inspiration for the artist, as it represents life and creation.

Niamh Barry creative process starts with drawings meant to find kernels of truth. From there, the artist works with sketch maquettes and computer-programmed lasers to bring the sculptural creations to life. Organic and dynamic, the artist’s light sculptures surpass utility; they become iconic artworks that brighten living spaces in more ways than one. Curved forms and flowing shapes twist and turn in striking compositions that are both intricate and minimalist. Featured in prestigious publications like Architectural Digest, Niamh Barry’s work has also been included in many private and public collections. While the artist generally creates site-specific and commissioned work, you can find a selection of sculptures on her website. Some designs are also available to commission. Photographs© Niamh Barry.

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