Refined and minimalist lighting made with simple geometric forms and complementing materials.

Italian brand Tooy makes minimalist lighting that combines traditional art forms and innovative manufacturing methods. Decorative and distinctive but also simple and versatile, the Tooy collection adds a refined accent to modern living spaces. Furthermore, every product wears its “Made in Italy” badge with pride. Apart from using only premium materials and finishes, the brand also celebrates the best of Italian craftsmanship with every lamp, wall light, and ceiling light it makes. The new Nastro lighting collection follows the same path. Designed by Studiopepe, the range draws inspiration from the contrast between two materials and from the visual impact of their union.

The collection is both ultra-minimalist and elegant, featuring a blend of simple geometric forms. Nastro comprises two table lamps, a wall lamp, and a floor lamp. All of them feature a dynamic design that places a cylinder shape alongside sculptural elements in different combinations. Whether creating a rectangular frame with rounded corners or an intersecting form, the metal elements elevate the lamps to a decorative accent.

The table lamps, wall lamp, and floor lamp all come with a range of material and finish options, to look at home in any interior. Customers can select between brushed brass, terracotta, matte black, greenish-gray, dove, eggshell, and beige finishes. Safe to say, each color and finish enhances the stylish designs in different ways. The Nastro lighting collection will make its debut in April 2021. Photographs© Tooy.

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