A practical bike that blends function and quality in an industrial design.

Perfect for groceries and shopping, school runs, or even small businesses, electric cargo bikes provide a convenient and more affordable alternative to a car. In response to a growing demand for urban mobility solutions for cyclists, German bike manufacturer Nicolai Bicycles has announced the launch of the Nicolai NC-1 Cargo electric bike. The design focuses on function and on an industrial aesthetic, with the aluminum frame boasting wide weld seams. Specially made to feel comfortable to ride and easy to handle regardless of speed, the bike features a carefully designed frame and geometry. For example, the battery position ensures an extra-low center of gravity for better balance and handling. Likewise, the steering angle combined with the fork offset and caster helps to keep NC-1 stable and balanced at low or higher speeds. This also applies when the user loads the cargo bike to the max.

Designed and specially crafted with function in mind.

Handmade in Europe, the bike features an aircraft-grade aluminum build with welding completed by specially trained workers who use a slow, time-consuming process to create the evenly spaced flat-scaled weld seams. The loading platform is generously sized and features a birch plywood loading plate completed with a waterproof coating. Four parallel fastening rails along with accessories like children’s baskets and boxes make it easy to customize the bike. Apart from providing stability, the wide double kickstand also folds neatly beneath the loading area. The user can easily lock it in place. At the same time, the locked kickstand protects the batteries and keeps the bike firmly in place.

NC-1 features a powerful BOSCH Performance Line CX motor with a maximum torque of 85Nm and a 750 watt-hour battery. A second battery slot provides an easy way to lengthen the range of the cargo bike. The bike comes with a manual Enviolo gear system as standard, with a version boasting an automatic gearshift also available. The chainless, Gates Carbon Drive minimizes maintenance and makes cleaning dirt easier at the same time.

Other features include a Supernova lighting system with a 235 lumens headlight, wheels with DT-Swiss hubs and 36-hole rims, Schwalbe Pick-Up tires with a load rating of up to 170kg (385 lbs), SKS mudguards, and SQLAB handlebars and grips. Finally, Nicolai offers a 5-year warranty for the bike. The NC-1 Cargo comes in a wooden box which the owner can use to send it back for repairs. Available from January 2022, the standard bike costs €7,499, or around $8,900. Photography© Nicolai Bicycles.

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