An innovative drip coffee maker that brings more flavor to the coffee brewing ritual.

Made by Tokyo-based company Balmuda, The Brew is an innovative coffee maker that aims to provide an easy and convenient way to make the perfect cup of joe. Gen Terao, CEO and Chief Designer of Balmuda, created the design in an R&D process that lasted six years. Unlike other Balmuda products, the journey to bring this coffee maker to life started with technology. The Brew features a patent-pending Clear Brewing system that uses steam to heat the water and ground coffee beans to extract maximum of flavor and ensure a smooth taste as well as a clear aftertaste.

The machine is also elegant. It features a sleek design with subtle curves and clean lines. Easy to use, The Brew has buttons to start the coffee maker, begin the brewing process, and select the number of cups. Another button allows the user to choose between three modes: regular, strong, and iced. While regular has a bright aroma and smooth taste, strong offers a full-bodied, condensed flavor profile. Finally, iced blends the two in a refreshing cup of coffee.

Perfect for medium-ground coffee beans, The Brewer has an open drip design that enhances the coffee making experience. The user can see the hot water as it drips into the ground beans. Next, the rising steam fills the room with the unmistakable scent of freshly made coffee. Other features of this innovative coffee maker include precise temperature control, accurate drip technology, and a conical rather than a standard trapezoidal dripper. The Brew coffee maker from Balmuda is currently only available in Japan. Photography© Balmuda.

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