An ingenious, hands-free shoe designed with both style and convenience in mind.

Nike always pushes boundaries with experimental and cutting-edge shoes, but their latest concept is on another level. Merging innovation and engineering with urban style, the Nike GO FlyEase has an intuitive, hands-free design. Nike GO FlyEase features a patent-pending bi-stable hinge that allows the shoe to remain stable both in fully open or fully closed states. Thanks to the Nike tensioner, the user can easily put on the shoes or take them off in seconds, hands-free. To put on the shoe, one only needs to step onto the interior hinge and lock it in position; removing the shoe requires the user to step on the “kickstand” on the heel. The design not only helps to save time, but also makes the indoor/outdoor transition seamless.

Nike GO FlyEase comes in three colorways that draw inspiration from the lights of a city throughout the day, from morning to night. Customers can choose between the pastel-hued White, Celestine Blue that references dawn; the Volt, Black, Dynamic Turquoise and Hyper Crimson that reminds of the colors of the city in the evening; finally, the darkest option in Black, Anthracite and Racer Blue represents night. While available only via a special invite sent to a group of selected Nike Members, the company aims to release Nike GO FlyEase on a broader scale later in 2021. Photographs© Nike.

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