A special edition of furniture designs with sculptural forms.

Launched in 2020, Note Editions is a platform that allows Stockholm-based Note Design Studio to launch special editions of previously created designs in a direct-to-consumer model that doesn’t compete directly with the manufacturers they work with. The Void Matters capsule collection offers a new take on the studio’s eponymous line, originally designed for Sancal. Inspired by the negative space that surrounds objects, the furniture collection features bold shapes and silhouettes that highlight what is as well as what isn’t. An imaginative twist on Scandinavian design, this special edition of Void Matters comprises tables, poufs, lounge chairs, and a sofa. All of them feature rounded forms and unexpected contrasts, whether in shapes, textures, or colors. At the same time, the furniture designs work well together, as they explore the beauty and peacefulness of negative space.

The Vestige coffee table and round table feature a sculptural base with a carved out cylindrical section. While the coffee table has a rectangular top, the round table features a circular tempered glass top. The Dividuals series of poufs comprises three designs: two cylindrical and one C-shaped. Contemporary but also reminiscent of classic designs, the Core Sofa features a quilted back and plush cushions. The Remnant lounge chairs complement the sofa with similar forms and quilted details. Crafted from premium materials, the Note Editions Void Matters collection features stained oak wood and birch veneers as well as monochrome or speckled Kvadrat textiles. Photographs© Note Editions.

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