An ingenious suction cup lamp created to offer unlimited freedom.

Portable lighting has been a thing since humans first discovered fire. Candles, oil lamps, and flashlights followed. More recently, designer products like the Wick or the FollowMe lamp series have provided an elegant way to bring light to indoor or outdoor spaces. Neozoon follows the same path, but offers something different with a clever lighting design that focuses on providing unlimited freedom. Created by Munich-based product designer Lukas Heintschel, Neozoon is an ingenious suction cup lamp that attaches to almost any surface in seconds and stays put for weeks, if needed. The versatile design offers great flexibility, whether you want to brighten a bedroom, terrace, or camper at night.

The lamp has a larger size to provide better suction, which means that the user can easily attach it even to perfectly smooth surfaces like glass or lacquered wood. Removing the lamp is easy and never leaves any residue on the flat surface. Neozoon shines brightly with a high power LED panel that produces about 180 lumen on the highest level. The LEDs shine with a warm, golden light of approximately 2500K. The built-in LiPo battery has 2400mAh; it lasts for up to 12 hours on the lowest dimmer setting and up to 6 on the highest. Thanks to the step-less dimming function, the user can find the perfect brightness level by placing their finger on the On/Off button. The USB-C charging cable offers a convenient way to quickly charge the battery.

Lightweight but robust, the lamp is crafted in Germany from sustainable, easily recyclable, and even aerospace grade materials. Apart from aerospace grade aluminum, the designer also used medical grade silicone and 3D printed polyamide. Finally, Lukas Heintschel kept sustainability at the heart of the design. Made locally from recyclable materials, the lamp follows cradle-to-cradle principles and allows the owner to repair or replace parts when needed. Each lamp comes in eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging via carbon neutral shipping methods. Launched through Kickstarter, the Neozoon suction cup lamp has received full backing in one week. The campaign lasts until May 16, 2021. Photographs© Neozoon.