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Contemporary Swedish design embodies the principles of Scandinavian design: minimalist products that are as versatile and timeless as they are functional. On this page, you can see some recent examples of projects, products, and spaces completed by Swedish designers. Apart from various types of furniture, you can also find ceramic tableware and lighting as well as a range of innovative projects that celebrate sustainability. Inspired by nature or industrial aesthetics, these designs perfectly represent the richness and diversity of Swedish design.

Many of the furniture designs featured here look to nature for inspiration. For example, a table that references the organic, curved shapes of a cloud formation on a blue sky. Or more boldly, a furniture collection that features realistic textures taken directly from nature. Using photographs of forests and coastlines, the designers created textiles that make armchairs and sofas look like they’re made from rocks, moss, or lichen. This collection not only pays homage to the beauty of natural landscapes but also explores the therapeutic benefits of living in nature.

Other products explore more abstract concepts. For example, a furniture range that highlights what is and isn’t with bold shapes that put the focus on negative space. Or the steel furniture that features brutalist design cues but also examines the relationship between traditional crafting techniques and industrial manufacturing methods. Here, you can also read more about Swedish designs that take inspiration from the Bauhaus movement, from the beauty of flowers, or from the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi. Regardless of their function, all of these products come to life through eco-friendly, sustainable crafting methods and/or feature recycled, recyclable, or responsibly sourced materials.

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