An elegant and versatile shelving system inspired by the octagon.

Designed by Silvia Ceñal of Silvia Ceñal Design Studio for Lithuanian company Viruna, Octo is a stylish shelving system with refined details. The studio took inspiration from the simple geometry of the octagon to create the larger bookshelf and a modular shelving unit that allows different configurations. Focusing on versatility as well as minimalist elegance, the firm designed Octo with octagonal elements. Both the frame and the joinery showcase the geometric form. While the frame connects the octagonal columns with elongated shelves that boast rounded edges, metal inserts highlight the quality of the joinery. The vertical pillars have eight facets that stand out in the light, depending on the viewing angle. Likewise, the metallic joints add a touch of brightness and/or vibrant accent to the design.

These metal inserts put the focus on the joinery and connect the frame and shelves at the same time. Semicircular shelf ends complete the elegant shelving units. Made with three widths, the Octo series also allows the user to create a custom shelving system. For example, the user can expand the height of the unit up to a maximum of five shelves. As a result, Octo can easily transform from a compact shelving unit into a large bookshelf. Made to order, the Octo collection blends solid oak, MDF, and metal. While the wood and MDF feature a painted finish – available in different colors – the metal inserts have a durable powder-coated finish. Photographs © Silvia Ceñal Design Studio, Viruna.

modular shelving wood

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