A simple wooden stool designed with a customizable detail.

Spanish design studio Cenlitrosmetrocadrado creates products that blend simple elegance and function. Their Lusi table has a simple design that suits any space and also has a convenient assembly system that allows the user to place it in storage when needed or transport it with ease. The studio’s latest design follows the same “minimalist aesthetic meets function” approach to design. OIO explores the concept of a stool as the most practical, flexible, and simple seating solution. Following this idea, the studio designed the wooden stool with two trapezoidal elements and a connecting crossbeam.

Lightweight and easy to move around a room as needed, the OIO stool is also conveniently stackable. This means that it occupies minimal space in storage and makes carrying several stools from an interior to a terrace easier. Similarly to the Lusi table, the design allows customization. While the table features tops in different colors, the OIO stool can be personalized with different crossbeam hues. This allows customers to order the perfect design that matches existing color palettes in a dining room or in an office lounge room. Made of wood, the stool is durable but also brings the warmth of the natural material into modern interiors. Photography© Cenlitrosmetrocadrado and Roi Alonso.

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