An Italian studio that makes beautiful designs with a reverence for aesthetics, function, and traditional craftsmanship.

Founded by Jay Vosoghi and Sara Mostofi in 2006, Milan-based R+D.LAB is a creative studio that makes glassware, ceramics, and textiles with reverence for aesthetics and function. Simple and humble, the designs explore the beauty of form and color through the use of traditional craftsmanship. As their name suggests, research and design provide the foundation for every project completed by the studio. Furthermore, R+D.LAB works closely with local artisans, creating collaborative relationships that lead to better, more authentic, sustainable, and meaningful designs. Above all, every R+D.LAB product is meant to be a pleasure to use day after day and to become part of a home for generations.

The founders draw inspiration from the city of Milan and its role in the evolution of contemporary architecture and design, but also use color as a central element in their collections. Made from natural materials like glass, ceramic, stone, and linen, the products are high-quality and sustainable at the same time. They’re also designed with simple forms and no unnecessary details, meaning that they are timeless and look good anywhere. While using age-old techniques, R+D.LAB gives a modern twist to traditional crafts with unexpected, experimental designs that look at home in contemporary living spaces.

The studio’s collection includes glassware, tableware, and textiles. Entirely handmade in Italy, the products are one of a kind and may feature small imperfections that give them more character and charm. Apart from borosilicate glassware with modern shapes and colors or handmade ceramic plates and serving dishes, customers can also buy blankets woven by historical mills that use centuries-old techniques. Regardless of design or material, every R+D.LAB product showcases the best of Italian design and craftsmanship. Photography© R+D.LAB.

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