A portable projector concept inspired by the silhouette of an SUV.

With more and more people starting to travel extensively after the end of Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns, portable projectors have also started to grow in popularity. South Korea-based designer has created a concept for a projector that would delight many camping fans. Inspired by the silhouette of an SUV, PANO is stylish and minimalist. The name refers to the word “panorama” and subtly references the emotional aspect of camping in nature with loved ones. This beam projector concept combines a simple, box-like shape with minimal buttons and controls. The front boasts the lens on one side and a fabric panel over the speaker.

On top of the box, there’s a button that adjusts the image and zoom level as well as a rotating button. The base that raises the projector also doubles as a carrying handle. At the back, the designer placed standard ports, including DC IN, AUX and USB as well as an HDMI port. There’s also a power button, placed right next to the Bluetooth connectivity button. A battery level and a vent complete the design. Perfect for camping or traveling, the PANO projector concept would provide a convenient solution to watch movies, TV shows, or more personal content; for example, photos and videos that chronicle the camping trip’s adventures. Images © BK Hwang.

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