Camping is generally a “love it or hate it” activity. For those who love it, however, nothing compares to setting up the tent in the middle of a woodland or by a lake and slowing down to the rhythm of nature. If you know someone that fits that description, here you’ll find some fantastic gifts camping fans will love. Whether it’s for a birthday or simply a surprise for a friend who plans to go on their next adventure, we’ve got you covered. From tents and sleeping bags to outdoor cooking systems, skillets, and portable chairs, these are some of the best gift ideas for camping lovers we could find. But first, let’s go through some of the most frequent questions people have about camping gifts.


What is the most popular camping item?

Since tent camping is the most popular form of camping, we’d say a tent is THE essential item. Apart from tents, the most popular camping items revolve around comfort, so think quality mats and sleeping bags. However, there are a lot of camping essentials that anyone who goes camping frequently has in their arsenal. They include anything from folding knives and flashlights to mosquito repellers, first aid kits, and cutlery.

What do you get someone going camping?

Assuming that the person going camping already has their own tent and sleeping bag as well as basic gear, choosing something that is both practical but not necessarily crucial is a good idea. That way, you can surprise a friend or special someone and make their camping experience more fun or comfortable. Ideas rage from portable chairs and personalized travel mugs to extra power banks or a notebook. These are not essentials per se, as you can enjoy camping without them, but they enhance the entire experience.

What do you buy someone who likes nature?

It all depends on the person and their likes as well as on the budget. For example, someone who loves nature and landscape photography would appreciate a new camera lens or a backpack specially designed for photo gear. Others who love hiking will probably enjoy something like new hiking boots or an insulated water bottle that keeps drinks hot or cold.

What should I get my nature loving boyfriend?

Not all nature lovers like the same things, but some items are a safe bet. Portable cooking systems, cutlery and a skillet, photography gear, portable coffee makers, water filters, GPS watches, backpacks, binoculars, insulated jackets, flasks, and ice chests are just a few ideas. For camping fans in particular, you can read our list below.


Sportsman’s Pro Cast Iron Grill

A hibachi-style grill for camping.

Whether you’re planning another camping trip or just want to BBQ in your own garden, the Sportsman’s Pro Cast Iron Grill from Lodge Cast Iron is a great choice. Compact and heavy-duty, this hibachi-style grill has a streamlined and open four-piece design, It comes with a naturally seasoned, removable grill grate, a slide-out ash drawer, and dual air vents. Great as a gift for camping fans, the grill also comes with an included set of steel Hook & Carry Handles. Plus, this product is proudly made in the USA from durable cast iron.

Buy $160

Coleman OneSource Travel Vacuum

A compact, handheld vacuum.

Specially designed for traveling, the OneSource vacuum from Coleman is compact, cordless and portable as well as easy to use. This handheld vacuum is also lightweight and easy to pack and to carry in a bag. Ideal for camping and off-grid living, the OneSource Travel Vacuum has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that offers 40 minutes of use per full charge. The battery pack is also compatible with other Coleman products. Other features include a bagless design with a washable filter, multiple included attachments, and an impact- and water-resistant build.

Buy $90

Dometic GO Compact Camp Chair

A portable camping chair.

One of the gifts camping fans will surely appreciate is a product they can use both on their adventures and in their garden. The Dometic GO Compact Camp Chair is a great example. Part of the Dometic GO collection, this portable chair offers the right blend of seating comfort and function. It folds neatly to fit into the trunk of a car or in a storage space at home and also features a rear seat pocket. Made with a lightweight but sturdy aluminum frame, the chair comes with a heavy-duty 600D fabric. This means that the Compact Camp Chair is not only durable but can also support up to 280 lbs. A carrying sack is also included.

Buy $149

Dometic Patrol 35

A conveniently insulated ice chest.

If you’re looking for the best gift ideas for camping lovers, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality ice chest. This one from Dometic is a fantastic choice as it’s both versatile and practical. Made with a thick PU insulation and a deep-freeze lid seal, it keeps ice frozen not for hours, but days. It also has a heavy-duty build to handle all kinds of off-road adventures and keep the contents cool. The spacious compartment has a capacity of 36 L, or 28 cans. Other features include a leak-proof drain for easy cleaning and a one-hand lid opening and closing system.

Buy $230

Pressure Solar Camping Shower

A practical solution to shower and clean outdoors.

Among the gifts camping buffs will love, a portable shower probably ranks high on the list. This one from Decathlon is specially made with convenience in mind. The Quecha Pressure Solar Camping Shower works with a pressure pump, which means that the user doesn’t have to hang it. To use, you only need to fill it with water (up to 10 L) and leave it for a few hours in the sun. A gauge measures the water temperature from 86°F to 104°F, which means that you can see at a glance when the shower is ready to use. Other features include an easy to fill, wide opening, a compact size, and a storage bag with a handy carrying strap.

Buy $80

Nitecore NPS600 Power Station

An award-winning power station.

The Nitecore NPS600 Power Station is a great option if you’re looking for the best gift ideas for camping fans. It also works well as a backup power system in case of an emergency or for off-grid living. Designed with universal compatibility, the NPS600 has both AC and DC outputs which can charge items simultaneously. This power station has a modular battery pack capacity of 594Wh and an output of 300W. It can charge anything from a car to an iPhone and a portable lamp. Surge safeguards include overcurrent and short-circuit protection as well as thermal and overcharge protection. Options for charging range from 4 x USB-A ports to a PD USB-C port, to name a few. The Nitecore NPS600 Power Station has a tough and fireproof ABS and aluminum shell and a one-hand carry design.

Buy $900

Heimplanet The Cave Tent

A dome-like tent for 2-3 people.

Our list of gifts camping fans would appreciate needed to include a tent. We love the Cairo Camo version of the popular The Cave tent from Heimplanet. It features a geodesic dome construction silhouette and a natural green color with a camo pattern, but the shape has a functional purpose. The rounded form and the inflatable Diamond Grid with ten crossing points make the tent extra-stable. The materials are weatherproof and durable, providing protection in all kinds of weather conditions. Plus, this tent is extremely easy to install, in less than a minute, thanks to the inflatable structure that only requires a pump. Other features include an inner tent with multiple storage pockets, a multi-chamber safety system, and five ventilation points.

Buy $800

iKamper RTT Sleeper

A sleeping bag designed for roof top tents.

This RTT Sleeper from iKamper is one of the best gift ideas for camping aficionados. Warm and comfortable, it’s specially made for roof top tents that have a warmer floor. Apart from a rectangular shape, the RTT Sleeper also keeps 60% of its fill in the top portion for optimal comfort. This sleeping bag is suitable all year round and comes with 1000g fill weight of 90/10 ethically made, Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified duck down. Inside, there’s a soft-to-the-touch nylon taffeta lining, while on the exterior there’s a water-repellent ripstop Nylon 30D fabric. The sleeping bag also has an interior pocket and quality YKK zippers.

Buy $369

Thermacell Mosquito Repeller

A must-have product for camping.

Camping is a lot of fun, until the first mosquitoes drop by for a visit. The Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repeller takes care of this issue with an ingenious design that shelters the whole campsite. While it weighs only 4 ounces, this gas canister provides up to 90 hours of mosquito-free relaxation in the middle of nature. The heat-activated repelling agent covers an area of 15ft x 15ft, eliminating the need to use sprays or lotions to keep mosquitoes away. Apart from working without an open flame, this product is also silent and odor-free. The Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repeller comes with 3 refillable mosquito repellent mats and a water-resistant storage pouch.

Buy $40

JIU Frying Pan

A versatile pan and plate.

One of the gifts camping fans would probably love to receive and to use is a practical and high-quality pan. But this one also doubles as a plate thanks to an ingenious design. Made in a collaboration between design studio TENT and family-owned factory Fujita Metal MFG, JIU is a multifunctional skillet. This cast iron frying pan has a wide rim and a removable solid wood handle that effectively allow the user to convert the product into a plate with ease. As a result, the user can cook and eat from the skillet to keep the food hot and to also minimize cleaning. Handmade, JIU is crafted by Japanese master artisans to last a lifetime. As far as camping gift ideas go, this one’s perfect for those who love to cook outdoors.

Buy $90

iKamper Disco Cooking System

A modular coking system.

If you need some gift ideas for camping fans, look no further than the iKamper Disco Outdoor Cooking System. This innovative design takes inspiration from the old rural tradition of using plow discs to improvise a cooking surface. Hence, the name Disco. Modular and versatile, this cooking system is also lightweight and conveniently portable. It comes with four parts that fit together perfectly: a skillet, a stove, a table, and a tripod. The Disco Series has anodized aluminum legs with rubberized feet for extra stability and cast iron cooking surfaces that are both non-stick and easy to clean. Thanks to the adjustable height, the user can cook while standing or sitting down, even on uneven terrain. iKamper also offers a range of accessories for this modular cooking system.

Buy $490

Camping Cutlery Set

A compact, 3-piece set.

Everyone eats while camping, so why not use a quality cutlery set instead of plastic utensils? This 3-piece set is a great choice, as it’s made in Japan from durable stainless steel. Unsurprisingly, the set is also minimalist and multifunctional. Apart from a spoon and fork, it also comes with a knife that doubles as a bottle opener. Specially designed to take up minimal space in a bag, the fork and knife fit inside the spoon, which also protects their edges. It’s probably one of the most practical gifts for camping fans.

Buy $24

Primus Litech Kettle

An aluminum kettle with a folding handle.

Perfect early in the morning for coffee or in the evening by the campfire for a cup of hot tea, a good kettle goes a long way. The Primus Litech Coffee/Tea Kettle is also specially made with portability in mind. Weighing only 178g, or 6.27 oz, this kettle has a capacity of 0.9 liters. This means that you can heat water for a few cups at a time with ease. Compact and versatile, Litech also comes with a folding handle. The kettle has a lightweight aluminum build with a brushed finish. A plastic handle with an ergonomic design allows the user to pour hot water safely.

Buy $30

Fiskars Norden N10 Universal Axe

A versatile axe.

The gifts camping fans generally appreciate are the ones that are as practical as they are compact. The Fiskars Norden N10 Universal Axe fits the bill perfectly. Made in Finland, the axe has a carbon steel blade with an anti-friction coating. The handle is hickory wood with an extremely tough and durable FiberComp™ impact protection. Naturally, we wouldn’t include just any axe in our list of camping gift ideas. This one is an all-rounder as it can cut firewood and chop smaller branches to clear trails with its super-sharp blade. Plus, the compact size makes it easy both to use and to carry in a bag to a campsite.

Buy $99

Silky Bigboy Folding Saw

An efficient cutting tool.

If you’re looking for useful gift ideas for camping fans, the Silky Bigboy 2000 Outback Folding Saw might be ideal. This cutting tool is efficient at different tasks as it can easily cut through both dry and green wood. As a result, the user can quickly clear a path or trail, prune smaller branches, or clear the campsite. The saw has a two-handed handle and a subtly curved blade with 5.5 teeth per inch. Made from Japanese steel, the blade is sharp and durable as well as easy to replace when needed. The two-handed handle is comfortable to hold and provides a great grip while cutting. This saw folds and comes with a carrying case.

Buy $87

Snow Peak Floga

A fireplace attachment that reduces smoke.

Some of the best gifts camping lovers won’t expect are the ones that are more niche. Like the Snow Peak Floga. Designed as a fireplace wall attachment, this product directs smoke upwards so it doesn’t infiltrate clothing or make campers’ eyes water. At the same time, the attachment produces a secondary combustion by altering the airflow. This improves the burning process while reducing the amount of fuel required for a campfire. Made from stainless steel, Floga folds to occupy less space in storage and to make transportation easier. This accessory works with either the Large Pack & Carry Fireplace or the Takibi Fire & Grill from the Snow Peak collection.

Buy $160

Snow Peak Field Barista Kettle

A kettle inspired by barista gear.

Perfect for the kitchen, the RV or the campsite, the Snow Peak Field Barista Kettle gets the job done and looks great in the process. Like its name suggests, this kettle takes inspiration from professional barista equipment. It features a stainless steel body with a wooden lid handle and brass accents. The kettle also has a precision spout for a drip-free pour, whether you’re making hot coffee or tea. Made with a removable stainless steel handle, the kettle is compact and easy to store, to carry, and to transport to a campsite. One of the gifts camping fans will surely love, as they can use it anywhere, even at home.

Buy $140

The James Brand The Chapter

A minimalist pocket knife.

Any list of gift ideas for camping lovers should include at least one folding knife. So we’ve added two of them. The first is The Chapter from the James Brand. This knife has a stainless steel S35vn blade that is sharp, edge-holding, and corrosion-resistant. A titanium frame-lock construction with minimal moving parts ensures that the knife will last even after heavy use. While compact like all pocket knives, The Chapter also looks great thanks to a black finish and only subtle branding – the company’s logo on the handle and name on the blade.

Buy $385

The James Brand The Pike

A stylish update on vintage folding knives.

The second pocket knife we wanted to include in our selection of gift ideas for camping lovers is also a James Brand design. Unlike The Chapter’s simple, dark finish, however, The Pike combines different materials in a bold design. The blade is Damasteel Rose DS93X™ with a beautiful pattern while the handle is part rosewood with a warm natural color and organic textures. This knife has a slip-joint, non-locking mechanism and suits both right-handed and left-handed users. A lanyard is included for more convenience, though this folding knife is perfect for a front pocket. Designed in Portland, The Pike is one of those special gifts camping lovers can easily fall in love with.

Buy $249

Snow Peak Fire-Resistant Parka

A fire-resistant jacket.

When standing close to the campfire, it’s better to put safety first. The Fire-Resistant Stretch Parka from Snow Peak offers stylish way to keep warm, even close to the fire. To offer this protection, the company combined ripstop and aramid in a fire-resistant material. The parka also has a full zip and button closure at the front, a hood with an adjustable drawcord, and an upper back vent. Compartments include dual chest pockets with zippers and two pockets at the waist. The Snow Peak Fire-Resistant Stretch Parka comes in three colors: gray, black, and light green. Finally, this jacket has a standard fit.

Buy $400

Vargo Titan Emergency Whistle

A lightweight but robust whistle.

One of the more thoughtful gifts camping aficionados will surely appreciate is an emergency whistle. This one is a perfect choice, as it’s compact and lightweight but extra-robust and durable. Made from titanium, the Vargo Titan Emergency Whistle is more durable than a stainless steel product. However, it also weighs only a few grams, meaning that the user won’t even feel it in a pocket but will have it close at hand when needed. Ideal as a gift for those who love to camp in the middle of nowhere and in areas with wildlife, this whistle reaches 100 decibels. A red cord is also included.

Buy $18

The James Brand Field Notes 3 Pack

A limited-edition notebook set.

When it comes to gift ideas for camping fans, a notebook can really hit the spot with the right person. And this one is a limited-edition series, too. The James Brand’s James° × DDC Field Notes 3 Pack comes with not one, but three notebooks. Each has 48 pages with an electric moss green dot grid pattern. Inside, the user can write, draw, sketch, and plan to their heart’s desire. Whether recording a memory, writing a poem, or sketching the bird that has visited the campsite, these notebooks offer a great way to make any camping adventure more special. Like the best field notebooks, these ones fit into a pocket with ease.

Buy $15

The James Brand The Hardin

A heavy-duty carabiner.

Keeping important things close at hand is easy with The Hardin from The James Brand’s collection. Modern and crafted to last, this carabiner has a convenient design. It features a dual compartment for more versatility and a spring loaded latch. Made with a drop forged construction from anodized 6063 aluminum, the carabiner is lightweight but tough and sturdy. The Hardin also comes in a wide range of colors, including blue, yellow, and orange, although we prefer the black and electric moss green version. One of the best gifts for camping fans, this carabiner attaches easily to jeans or to backpacks.

Buy $39

Dometic Trucker Trolley

A multifunctional trolley.

Our list of camping gift ideas focuses on practical items. The Dometic Trucker Trolley is certainly one of them. Designed as a multi-purpose product, this trolley offers an easy solution to transfer gear from the car, bike, or other vehicle back to the camping site. It has a large capacity of 100 kg and can accommodate items of different shapes and sizes, including more voluminous ones. At the same time, it folds in a compact shape when needed to occupy minimal space in storage. Made from powder-coated steel, this trolley is durable and reliable.

Buy $130

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