A minimalist glassware collection inspired by the lightness of a feather.

Designed by Marco Sironi for Italian brand Ichendorf Milano, Piuma refines any dining table and kitchen. Created with a similar design approach as the Phil series by Naessi Studio, this elegant collection references the lightness of a feather. As a result, the products are minimalist, elegant, and almost ethereal. The name refers to this source of inspiration, as Piuma translates to “feather” in Italian. Piuma comprises a range of tea and coffee serving products. Apart from teapots in large and small sizes, with or without filters, the series also includes mugs, coffee and tea cups with saucers, a vessel for creamer, and a sugar pot with a glass spoon.

While made from ultra-clear glass, the collection also includes light pink versions of the teapots. Furthermore, Piuma’s clean and pure design highlights Ichendorf Milano’s dedication to traditional craftsmanship. Each product from this series is handmade from borosilicate glass and flame-worked. Borosilicate glass is tougher and more durable than glass, but allows the production of thinner glass products, which especially enhances the look of this collection. Most of the Piuma line is also conveniently dishwasher-safe. Marco Sironi has designed several other collections for Ichendorf Milano, including series of vibrant glassware in bold colors. You can discover them, along with the Piuma range, online and in selected stores. Photographs © Ichendorf Milano.

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