Raan Stern’s Space-saving Studio in Tel Aviv

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Is design the occupation of space, or its reduction?  Raan Stern’s modular Tel Aviv apartment demonstrates the later. Measuring 15-square meters, the artist’s studio consists of 36 customized storage compartments, two desks, pegboard display walls and a folding bed. “The artist creates and collects different kinds of art pieces, most are 2D but also some small sculptures, books and old materials,” explained Ranaan Stern. “We needed different kinds of storage units, different sizes and different ways of keeping the new and old pieces.”

The storage units were created specifically for the artists object. Not only to accommodate their size, but also the frequency of use. We also needed storage for materials and tools for the artist’s daily work. During measuring we gave each category a color, which is exposed only when one opens a drawer or any other unit,” said Stern.

“We also designed the storage by two rules: the easiest way to physically open and use, but always making sure everyday stuff and more needed pieces will be more accessible. Some pieces can be place on the pegboard which is also a painting stand for different sizes of boards.”
Designing the studio around the objects contained within, Raan Stern’s apartment curates the space by reducing it.



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