A Swiss brand that makes timeless furniture from locally sourced pine wood.

Founded by Ralph Steiner and Manuela Steiner, Raïna is a Swiss furniture brand that celebrates the beauty of solid wood with superbly crafted, sustainable products. The company is based in the Tscherlach, in the municipality of Walenstadt in Switzerland’s St. Gallen canton. The name of Raïna has deep roots in the area, as it translates to “queen” in Romansch, a Romance language indigenous to the region. Plus, pine is also known as “queen of the Alps.” Light and soft but durable and fragrant, pine wood provides the perfect raw material to create timeless furniture. Raïna makes the most of this natural treasure.

The company sources Swiss stone pine wood from Val Müstair. Processed by hand by a local factory, the wood then transforms into the minimalist designs that create the Raïna collection. The company leaves the wood untreated in order to allow its colors and scents to develop over time. Combining traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, Raïna has created an elegant collection of timber furniture that suits modern living spaces perfectly. Versatile and beautiful, the designs have simple rounded or angular forms that let the character of pine wood shine. Apart from using locally sourced materials and traditional techniques, the company also ensures the products are sustainable by crafting each design to order to minimize waste. Additionally, Raïna uses any leftovers from the manufacturing process to heat its carpentry workshop.

The brand’s collection comprises both seating and tables as well as smaller home accessories. All of them have designs that explore essential forms. Some of the wood stools reference traditional milk stools while others take inspiration from space rockets. The benches provide convenient seating in an entrance hallway or double as multi-functional tables. The collection also comprises cabinets, dining tables, and bed frames. In the kitchen and home accessories section, customers can find everything from bowls and soap dishes to cutting and serving boards. Raïna produces every item to order and each product comes with the carpenter’s signature. Photographs © Raïna.

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