An outdoor, portable pizza oven with a gas fired heating system to cook pizzas like a pro.

In 2017, Søren Lauritsen founded Danish company Le Feu. His family had been working in fireplace and wood-fired stoves manufacturing for generations, but he wanted to give a new face to the traditional fireplace and ultimately reinvent it for modern living spaces. Using years of experience in the field and the fresh look of contemporary design, Søren Lauritsen created a range of versatile products, including award-winning, stainless steel bio fireplaces and some of the best pizza ovens that offer a great alternative to a wood-fired pizza oven. The company uses carefully selected materials and components to create its eco-friendly, sustainable products. Now, Le Feu is the leading bio fireplace manufacturer in Scandinavia. Le Feu’s collection also comprises an outdoor pizza oven with gas heating, which caught our attention.

Named Turtle, this portable pizza oven has a rounded, shell-like shape reminiscent of its namesake. Three angled legs made of wood provide support to the gas pizza oven and make it easy to place on a countertop. Unlike a classic brick oven or wood-fired pizza oven, Turtle is compact and doesn’t require a chimney. Additionally, it can safely stand on a stone or stainless steel countertop, even though it cooks at high temperatures. Like the best pizza ovens, it’s ideal for outdoor cooking. It uses natural gas to heat the interior which reaches up to 400 degrees in 10 minutes, with no built-in thermometer required. This high temperature guarantees pro results.

A beautiful and efficient design.

Similarly to the bio-fuel fireplaces from the brand’s collection, this outdoor pizza oven with a gas burner brings an elegant accent to living spaces. As a result, a practical, utilitarian item transforms into a decorative feature in an outdoor area, whether Turtle is a part of a terrace or a garden. Additionally, the compact and portable design allows the user to easily move the product from storage to the required location.

This high-end portable pizza oven with a propane heating system optimizes function and cooking efficiency. It comes with heavy-duty pizza stone plates that ensure each pizza has a crispy base, and an insulating layer that keeps the oven hot for longer. Optimal heat circulation ensures that the toppings cook to perfection while the base stays crispy on the pizza stone. More importantly, the design of this outdoor gas pizza oven allows the user to cook up to 35 cm pizzas like a pro, in only a few minutes.

Accessories that enhance function and convenience.

Other features include an electronic ignition button that provides an easy way to turn on this portable outdoor pizza oven with gas heating. The button also adjusts the intensity of the flames. At the back, there’s a compartment for the propane tank. Le Feu also offers a series of accessories for this portable pizza oven. Among them, a table, a weatherproof cover, and a stainless steel pizza spatula that make cooking pizza as easy as possible.

The table offers an easy way to elevate the pizza oven for more convenience. It also features a front panel with a magnetic closure. Behind the door, there’s a storage space for a natural gas cylinder with an opening for the hose. These details help to keep the minimalist look of the oven intact. Finally, the optional table has wheels for extra mobility. The Turtle portable pizza oven comes conveniently flat-packed to minimize packaging. Photographs © Le Feu.

Le Feu Turtle Portable Pizza Oven

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