Relais Ca’ Sabbioni Hotel by FPA Franzina + Partners

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The Relais Ca ‘Sabbioni, located along the Brenta Canal, an ancient connection between Padua and Venice, was built within a villa dating back to the late seventeenth century which  has been the residence of Gregory Barbarigo and Vescovo Francesco,  Bishop of Padua.

Today a major renovation by FPA Franzina + Partners has revived the ancient Villa bringing back its original use of luxurious accommodation while diligently respecting its original elements and layout scheme. The interior design was conceived and built starting from the desire to emphasize the contrast between the taste of the old Villa  and the choice of style that characterizes the modern interior.

For the visitors  the stay takes on new meaning, becomes a valuable experience that can enrich the knowledge and stimulate memories. The theme is food, it accompanies the guest through a unique culinary journey. The study FPA Franzina + Partners has given his own interpretation on the theme, designing furniture capable of stimulating curiosity and desire. For instance the common refrigerator we all have seen in every hotel room, has been replaced by a transparent glass case elegantly resting on a wooden surface. Food and drinks are visible through the transparent glass and become part of the experience inducing guests to admire, taste and indulge.



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