An ingenious 4-in-1 chair design.

Modular designs and adjustable systems make contemporary furniture incredibly convenient and practical, but the Reversible chair takes versatility and flexibility to a whole new level. Created by Swiss designer Nicola Stäubli, the chair is a veritable 4-in-1 design thanks to a couple of clever ideas. For one, it comes with a set of steel tubes that create the frame and add stability to the chair when assembled with the seat and backrest fabric. The user can flip the rear legs to convert a dining or office chair into an even more comfortable lounge chair. Changing the chair’s angle back to its original design is easy by flipping the legs once again. Likewise, the fabric allows the user to change the way the chair looks.

The reversible material offers a handy solution to switch the color of the chair when needed. One side boasts a more neutral gray hue while the other can feature an orange, blue, or green color. This way, it’s easy to transform the look and feel of a room or to complement different color palettes. Thanks to the practical assembly method, the chair is also easy to transport from one home to another or from storage to an office or a lounge room. The Reversible chair features a stainless steel tube frame and the Tony fabric made by Creation Baumann. The design has received a nomination for the Design Prize Switzerland 2011. Photography© Michael Sieber.

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