A ‘new-century’ take on mid-century modern chairs.

Vancouver-based brand Edits Design produces furniture that offers a new expression of mid-century modern design. The company calls this visual language “new-century modern.” Their first collection of the Edits Design Circus chair showcases this style perfectly. The series provides a contemporary interpretation of the archetypal mid-century seating, with a nod to Scandinavian design and traditional Nordic wooden chairs. Here, the name of the brand offers a clue to the design approach. Believing that design is an iterative process of editing, whether concepts, forms, or materials, the company ultimately creates new edits with each product it makes; in turn, a series of products come together in a collection of “edits” that evolve and enrich the original visual language.

Minimal and bringing only essential forms to life in warm timber, this chair features clean lines and an understated aesthetic. The silhouette is both familiar and new. Angled legs provide support to a rounded seat. A curved backrest “hugs” the user and also creates armrests. Timeless and versatile, the chair easily adapts to any space, from classic to contemporary. Like the best pieces of furniture, the Edits Design Circus chair celebrates the quality of traditional craftsmanship. The company collaborates with one of the oldest wooden chairs manufacturers in Italy. The family-owned workshop uses both traditional and cutting-edge methods to craft each chair in small batches. As a result, the Edits Design Circus chair boasts a meticulous attention to detail and a flawless finish.

New-century modern meets sustainable design.

Additionally, the company uses sustainable manufacturing methods. This includes the choice of wood, which comes from FSC-certified and sustainably managed European forests. The paints, lacquers and glues are all non-toxic and zero-emission. The fabrics are also made from natural fibers that meet strict European standards of quality. Finally, the packaging is eco-friendly and made from recycled materials.

Crafted from durable European ash wood, the Edits Design Circus chair is suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. The chair comes in natural white ash or in black ash and in a range of contemporary lacquers that give a contemporary flavor to the minimal design. Upholstered seats enhance comfort further. Customers can order the chair in the standard versions or in curated, custom colors and finishes. For example, Edits Design offers a range of made to order lacquer colors, including Olive Green and Japan Red, among many others. Likewise, the fabrics come from Kvadrat or Rohi. Other custom finishes, stains, and colors are also available upon request. Regardless of color, the chair looks beautiful in any space, from family dining rooms to offices. Photographs © Edits Design.

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