A recycled chair made through a sustainable circular system.

Originally designed by Ineke Hans as an eco-friendly chair back in 2010, the REX chair now has an even more sustainable design. Hans collaborated with Dutch furniture company Circuform to bring the improved version of the chair to life, and launched it during the 2021 Dutch Design Week. As the brand’s second “deposit chair”, REX allows users to recycle it at the end of its life and receive back an initial deposit. Each chair features a recycled plastic build, with materials sourced from old fishing nets and industrial waste. Widely used, the nylon-based PA6 plastic is thus accessible and makes the manufacturing process easier.

To produce the chair, the company uses an injection molding technique. While the seat and legs form one part, the backrest slots neatly into the base. The design also allows the addition of separate armrests, which enhance seating comfort. Thanks to the flexible, two-part build, REX is both versatile and suitable to use by a wide range of people. The design is also conveniently stackable, to occupy minimal space in storage. While made to last a lifetime, the durable chair is specially designed with modern lifestyles in mind. This means that users can return the chair after use and receive a deposit back from Circuform. This system ensures that the company can easily repair or recycle the chair and guarantee a complete circular manufacturing system. Photography© Ineke Hans.

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