Minimalist marble weights that take inspiration from ancient Rome.

From ancient Rome and Greece to the present day, sport has been an essential part of human life. This is the concept behind the new LVDIS collection. Designed by Alessandro Zambelli for Seletti, the range takes inspiration from the games of ancient Rome. Indeed, the name refers to “ludis”, which translates to “sports” in Latin. The designer also took inspiration from more recent events; more specifically, from the lockdowns that have forced many people with active lifestyles to exercise at home instead of the gym. Like other collections Zambelli has previously designed for Seletti, the LVDIS series of marble weights blurs the line between a utilitarian product and an art object.

Reminding of ancient sculptures that celebrated the perfection of the human figure, the marble weights have a beautifully smooth surface. They also boast distinctive textures, lines, and patterns that are one of a kind. The series comprises two dumbbells, of 2 and 3 kg, a 6 kg kettlebell and a disk of 8 kg. Crafted from precious marble, the LVDIS collection combines contemporary function with classic aesthetics to explore the concept of exercise as a design statement. At the same time, the marble weights can serve a purely decorative purpose in a home. The series also comes with beautiful packaging. The wooden boxes put the marble weights in the best light and make them ready to give as a gift. Photography© Seletti.

Lvdis Collection

Designer: Alessandro Zambelli Price: Price: $340+ Shop Now
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