The Shinola x Mapplethorpe Clock Collection

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Limited-edition wall clocks that celebrate an iconic American artist.

A must-have series for art lovers and Robert Mapplethorpe fans, this collection recreates the iconic artist’s unreleased sketches. The limited-edition clock range has come to life with the help of the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, who provided the sketch designs to Detroit-based brand Shinola. A celebration of the legacy of the late artist, the Shinola X Mapplethorpe clock collection reproduces three of his sketches with accuracy.

The designs feature split tones, quartered dials, and triangular sections as well as raised dot indices and white hands. Two clocks have a black and gray palette, while the third features black and red colors. Each clock recreates a different sketch, but they all have the same matte black zinc case. On the caseback plate, there’s a unique serial number. A black lacquered oak stand is also included and provides an elegant solution to display the clocks. The cases measure 14’’ in diameter and house a continuous sweep quartz movement. Finally, these exclusive wall clocks come with reproductions of the artist’s sketches, included in boxes that depict his renowned self-portrait. The limited-edition Shinola X Mapplethorpe clock collection features three designs, all available at a price of $600. Photographs© Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, Shinola.

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