An innovative and elegant crypto wallet.

Marking the first collaboration between design studio Layer and leading crypto brand Ledger, Stax is a revolutionary cryptocurrency wallet that keeps security features and elegant design in perfect balance. The project took two years of development and began with a partnership between Ledger’s Tony Fadell – a former senior vice president of the iPod division at Apple – and the design team at Layer, headed by studio founder Benjamin Hubert. Ledger Stax™ is as innovative as it is stylish, providing an elegant way to store, access and send crypto assets and NFTs.

“Working with Ledger is an incredible opportunity to be part of shaping how the world interacts with their crypto assets. We strongly believe in a future of secure and private financial sovereignty where crypto becomes the norm. This project demonstrates LAYER’s ability to both design and engineer a complex and compact piece of consumer electronics to deliver a next-generation experience at an affordable price point,” says Benjamin Hubert.

Made with the shape of a credit card but thicker, Stax is compact and easy to carry. The beautiful design references a ledger book, while the name refers to the ability to stack multiple wallets. Made with a durable aluminum chassis, Stax has a weighty feel and rounded forms. Soft edges and concave surfaces enhance the grip, while a single button operation allows for intuitive usability. At the front, an ingenious e-ink touchscreen curves around the wallet’s spine, refining the user experience and making the world of cryptocurrency more engaging and accessible at the same time.

Secure, compact and easy to use with an e-ink touchscreen.

Naturally, Stax comes with Ledger’s built-in secure architecture. The wallet keeps the private key safe in a certified protected chip, with any transaction requiring verification and physical confirmation from the user. This crypto wallet can store more than 5,500 crypto assets – including coins, tokens, and NFTs. The ledger Live app allows the user to explore a growing number of Web3 apps through Bluetooth connectivity. Stacking multiple wallets provides an easy way to manage different portfolios. Since the energy-efficient e-ink screen wraps around the spine, it offers a convenient solution to label each wallet. The screen can also display photographs or NFTs on the lock-screen.

In terms of tech specs, Stax comes with a series of ingenious features. The e-ink touchscreen is incredibly energy efficient, meaning that the battery can last for weeks on one charge. Stax features both Bluetooth and USB-C connectivity. The latter allows for easy charging via cable, but the wallet also supports wireless Qi charging. Stax is the first in a series of products that Layer and Ledger plan to launch in the near future. The Ledger Stax crypto wallet will start shipping from the end of March 2023, but pre-orders are available now on the crypto brand’s website. Soon, Stax will also be available from selected retailers in the US. Images courtesy of Layer.

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