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Stedsans In The Woods

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A rustic retreat in the middle of a Swedish forest.

Nestled in the woodland of Hyltebruk, Halland, in southern Sweden, wild outdoor retreat and restaurant Stedsans provides the perfect opportunity to relax in the middle of a natural wonderland. Idyllic and rustic, the resort also includes a permaculture farm. This allows the owners to serve delicious dishes in the farm-to-table restaurant. The retreat features a range of accommodation options, but some guests come during the weekends exclusively to sample the menu of the forest restaurant, which opens its doors every Friday and Saturday.

Set among the trees, the Stedsans cabins offer views of the landscape and the night’s sky through the floor-to-ceiling windows. A large bed and a simple storage unit make up the minimalist and rustic decor. The Bedouin tents are the most spacious option and feature king size beds or single beds upon request. Both the cabins and the tents have organic bed linen as well as blankets and furs for colder nights. Finally, the Stingray tent is ideal for those who love camping. Guests bring their own sleeping bags, but they don’t have to pay for the accommodation if they book dinner during the weekend. For weekday guests, the retreat offers a cook-your-own dinner around a bonfire.

The restaurant provides a 6-course dinner, while the breakfast includes home-baked bread, fresh fruit and greens from the forest and surrounding fields, as well as soaked granola. Dedicated to sustainability, the resort recycles the water from the showers and has compost toilets. Stedsans also offers a handmade soap with 100% natural ingredients and fully biodegradable toothpaste and shampoo. Apart from walking through the forest, guests can also use the common sauna and reading lounge, take a swim in the lake, and borrow a boat or a canoe to explore the nearby lake. Photographs© Stedsans.

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