Elegant pendant lamps inspired by a silkworm’s cocoon.

Danish brand Muuto makes furniture, lighting, and home accessories with a Scandinavian design that is both minimalist and versatile. For the Strand series of pendant lights, the company partnered with a British designer, Benjamin Hubert of Layer. As refined as you’d expect it to be, the Strand collection draws inspiration from nature. More specifically, from the shape and cloud-like feel of a silkworm’s cocoon. The five pendant lamps feature a beautifully crafted steel frame that provides support to an innovative material. Sprayed on the steel frame as it spins, the polymer fabric creates a delicate, almost ethereal shade. This ingenious technique also ensures that even the larger pendants use a minimal amount of material.

The lamps come in closed or open versions that create a soft, diffused light. The former provides more diffused lighting, while the latter offers more direct illumination thanks to a larger opening. Made in different sizes, the Strand pendant lamps provide a stylish solution to brighten any space. The user can also arrange multiple pendants in an asymmetrical composition or install the larger versions on their own in spacious rooms. Muuto launched the Strand collection at the London Design Festival 2019, with the lamps currently available at selected stores. Photographs© Muuto, Layer Design.

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