adaptive reuse architecture

A space beyond the realm of traditional architecture. Modern decay with a conceptual twist. Places that display their venerable age with pride. On surfaces where textures highlight the passage of time as well as in ruined stone walls that almost defy the coming of a new era. The signs of the past alongside the refinement of contemporary design. Yet all of these houses, structures, and homes feature a harmonious relationship between the two periods of time. Not a clash of contrasting elements, but a symbiosis.

More than simply preserved, the remnants of the past are celebrated and transformed. Designs that play upon the concept of modern decay and also successfully enhance both features. Some architectural projects create a clear delimitation between the aged and the new elements, while others integrate the past in contemporary structures in a seamless way.

The first category includes masterpieces like La Ruina Habitada, a place where the architects brought a strong surreal twist to the design. In the second group, residential structures such as the house in Mexico that features swimming areas flowing in and out of outdoor spaces divided by stone walls. Other projects take the concept in another direction by re-purposing agricultural or industrial buildings.

In the world of modern decay architecture, stone and metal often become the symbols of different eras. Exposed brick, natural stone, and walls in disrepair alongside cladding of corroded steel or brushed stainless steel surfaces in interiors. Minimalist design allows the character of the materials to shine through, opening up a conversation on the value of heritage and the meaning of change.

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