alpine cabins

Built in breathtaking landscapes, Alpine cabins are often the ideal retreat in nature. Whether located in Italy, France, Switzerland, or Austria, these houses open to spectacular views of the Alps. These cabins also immerse their residents into rural or secluded settings, away from the hectic pace of urban living. On this page, you can admire some of the most impressive Alpine cabins designed by talented architects and interior designers. One thing they have in common? They all call the Alps their home.

As far as mountain retreats go, Alpine cabins are hard to beat. After all, they often open to one of the most awe-inspiring mountain ranges in the world. Here you can find just a few examples of contemporary Alpine architecture. Some of these cabins are nestled in villages or on the outskirts of small settlements. Others cantilever over cliffs to maximize access to views. All of them are modern and/or offer fresh takes on traditional architecture. For example, a holiday home with a simple, gabled silhouette reminiscent of a rustic barn. Completed with charred timber cladding, this cabin has a beautifully textured exterior with vertical planks arranged at different depths. Windows open to views of a forest, mountains, and a lake.

Other Alpine cabins are not residential, but public spaces. Like a mountain shelter, specially designed to honor the memory of a local mountaineer. Designed as an elongated volume, this shelter juts forward from a rock slab. Though the glazed end, mountain climbers can admire the Valle d’Aosta and the mountains in the distance as they take a break. In terms of materials, even the most contemporary Alpine cabins celebrate their setting. For example, some houses feature solid wood and darkened timber exteriors while others have stone or concrete walls that match the hues of surrounding rock formations.

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    A mountain shelter that honors the memory of a local mountaineer. Named the Brédy Bivouac…