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When talking about architecture in Greece, the first things that spring up in most people’s minds are ancient monuments and temples or picturesque white dwellings with blue doors, arranged in clusters in rocky coastal areas. However, architects have been been building modern Greece for years with a refined blend of traditional and contemporary influences. All across the country, impressive projects showcase the talent and creativity of architecture and design firms, from weekend retreats to sprawling hotels. On this page, you can discover some of the most gorgeous architectural projects completed by both established and up-and-coming Greek architects.

Contemporary architecture in Greece gives a nod to traditional designs in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Examples include whitewashed buildings with clean, minimalist forms that offer a modern twist on traditional village houses or solid stone dwellings designed with a blend of rustic and contemporary elements. Architectural projects also include avant-garde designs that push the envelope. Think partly buried houses built within the slope of a hill that overlooks the sea or concrete structures that create a poetic dialogue with a pristine natural landscape.

Whether it’s a high-end hotel or a family home, architecture in Greece celebrates the connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces; between built structures and wild nature. Apart from integrating gardens and local vegetation into terraces or internal courtyards, architects also use natural features of the landscape as a complementing element of their designs. A rock formation becomes a part of a pool area, providing a link between the stylish outdoor space and the coastal setting. Infinity pools seem to flow into the sea, making inhabitants feel like they’re floating above Greek landscapes and into the sky.

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