artist studios

Built in gardens, forests, beaches, or bucolic settings in the countryside, artist studios provide a quiet space to relax, meditate, and create. On this page, you can find various architectural projects that fall into this niche category. Whether designed for professional artists or those who paint, sculpt, and draw as a hobby, these studios have special designs that aim to inspire, in one way or another. Projects vary widely, but every one of these designs aims to provide a space where artists can work in comfort and seclusion, away from cities or everyday distractions, in an atmosphere that is often both tranquil and invigorating.

Most of these artist studios call natural landscapes their home. Even those built in cities open to views of lush gardens and greenery or to coastal or mountain views. Being close to nature stimulates both creativity and well-being, which leads architects to build these structures in these quiet settings. Here you can discover compact or large studios located in old forests, nature reserves, national parks, and former farms. Created for painters, sculptors, musicians, ceramicists, or writers, these workspaces become both a shelter and a window towards nature.

These artist studios feature different designs that vary depending on the local context. One small pre-fab cabin features a comfortable work and live space that allows artists and writers to develop their creative ideas in week-long residencies. Restored and redesigned, a derelict concrete barn transformed into a creative studio in a coastal landscape in Iceland. One wood cabin features a large window that makes the owner feel immersed in a forest while writing. An old barn near a national park now houses an ingeniously designed studio with three programs, including a gallery space for the artist’s sculptures.

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