A coffee grinder designed with efficiency and ease of use in mind.

New Zealand-based brand Varia makes products that enhance the coffee brewing experience. Encouraging experimentation, the Varia collection also enables users to develop a better understanding of the brewing process and ultimately appreciate the coffee making ritual more. The brand’s VS3 Electric Grinder has a minimalist design that optimizes efficiency. Angled at 76.5° and reminiscent of a microscope, the grinder allows for zero retention conditions and also improves workflow. The user can thus add coffee beans to the hopper, adjust the grind setting and access the dosing cup much easier. Designed with precision in mind, VS3 has a stepless adjustment system. Turning the hopper in the desired position allows the user to achieve virtually any particle size, enabling experimentation

To refine the user experience, Varia has integrated magnets into the hopper lid to connect with the hopper, base, and dosing cup. The grinder comes with 38mm conical 6 core burrs, a 30g hopper, and a 100W DC, 160RPM motor. Non-slip silicone feet keep the unit firmly on the table while in use. The VS3 Electric Grinder is also crafted to last. It features a die-cast, space-grade aluminum body with CNC-machined parts. P5-grade angular contact bearings ensure a uniform particle size. Each VS3 Electric Grinder comes with a DC power adapter, a magnetic dosing cup, silicone bellows for the hopper, a spray bottle, cleaning brush, replacement set of 4 burr chamber springs, and an Allen key. You can find the design in either Black or White. Varia also offers different plug types: for Australia and New Zealand, US, EU, and UK. Photography © Varia.

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