land rover

The first Land Rover cars were introduced in 1948 by the now-defunct Rover Company, but in 1978 Land Rover became a company on its own. One of the most popular automotive brands in the world, the company produces mainly four-wheel drive vehicles with off-road capabilities and upmarket sport utility cars. On this page, however, you can discover a huge range of projects that have Land Rover designs at their heart. From carefully restored and modernized classic cars to brand-new models and the latest designs, automotive lovers in general and Land Rover fans in particular will truly appreciated our curated selection of projects.

Some of these projects explore the restoration of classic cars. For example, workshops from the US that take vintage D90 and D110 vehicles and carefully repair and restore them to their original glory. Most of these projects also showcase the subtle integration of modern technology without compromising the character of the rugged cars. Other projects present the latest designs coming from the Land Rover factory doors. Sleek and even futuristic, these Land Rover cars usually feature smart technology and eco-conscious designs. All of this in silhouettes that are both dynamic and elegant.

Not all the Land Rover projects on this page involve the restoration of a classic model or the presentation of a futuristic design. Here you can find creative projects that use the iconic cars as a source of inspiration. For example, watches that take design cues from the dashboard or the dynamic lines of Land Rover cars. Or footwear created in a collaboration between the automotive giant and renowned brand Clarks. Specially designed for all-terrain exploration, these winter shoes pay homage to the best off-road Land Rovers.