The re-birth of the beloved Defender.

After the production of the Land Rover Defender classic car stopped in 2016, Polish company Land Serwis decided to keep the legend alive through their “Defender Factory” project. As one of the one of the only four companies in the world – and the only one outside of the UK – to produce the Defender chassis, Land Serwis had the perfect opportunity to bring the iconic car to life. This Defender Crew Cab Pickup in the limited Heritage version showcases the project’s magnitude and possibilities. Using cutting-edge manufacturing methods as well as decades of experience, the Land Serwis team built a new Defender. One of many to come in a Land Rover Defender re edition series.

The team used a 2010 model as a base, refurbishing both the 2.4 Puma engine and the original frame. New components include a stainless steel exhaust system and a brake system built from scratch. The SuperGaz suspension raised the height of the car by 2 inches and also improved the vehicle’s off-road drivability. The Goodyear Wrangler MT / R tires boast reinforced steel Wolf rims that offer protection against unexpected obstacles. Paying homage to Land Rover’s heritage, this car features a Grasmere Green paint finish and an Alaska White roof as well as a classic grille and silver front bumper.

The original logo and stickers of the Land Rover Defender classic design add an authentic finishing touch to the exterior. Likewise, the cabin features carefully crafted parts and detailing. Land Serwis installed Dynamat Xtreme acoustic mats in the entire cabin to reduce outside noise and resonance. A custom carpet and new upholstery enhance comfort, along with a Webasto Air Top 2000 ST parking heater. Both the carpet and the seats feature an eco leather material. With Land Rover Defender re edition series, Land Serwis provides an entirely bespoke service to bring the Land Rover Defender back where it belongs: on the road. Photographs© Land Serwis.

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