An elegant and minimal table light that creates a play between light, translucency, shadows, and reflections.

Since 2008, Swedish lighting brand Wästberg has been making beautifully designed, environmentally conscious lighting for homes, offices, hotels, museums, and more. The company collaborates with world-famous designers to create its products, resulting in over 50 design awards – so far. The W223 Pawson Light is a standout design from the Wästberg collection. Created by celebrated, award-winning designer John Pawson, this table lamp blends curved and rectilinear forms in a sculptural, quietly imposing object. Notched cut-outs serve a dual purpose; apart from focusing the light and creating space for the cable, they also enhance the lamp’s profile.

Marble table lamp

Wästberg makes the W223 Pawson light in two versions, but both of them create different dialogues between materiality and light. For example, the marble lamp is crafted by artisans from the finest quality marble. Even when turned off, this John Pawson design looks like a work of art. However, turning the light on illuminates the material and highlights the soft translucence and luminosity of marble. This version is also hefty and weighs 5.1 kg, compared to the 1.2 kg of the metal lamp. Likewise, the aluminum version enhances the quality of the LED light. This version boasts a matte exterior and a hollow interior, which creates a play between light, shadows, and reflections. Finally, the W223 Pawson light comes with a polycarbonate lens, a 2700 K LED light, and a dimmer switch. Photography © Gilbert McCarragher.

The W223 Table Lamp by John Pawson for Wästberg, aluminum side view

The W223 Table Lamp by John Pawson for Wästberg, aluminum

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