A collection of modular marble objects that double as furniture and decorative items.

Designed in a collaboration between London-based studio and stone furniture brand Agglomerati and Melbourne-based designer and furniture maker Fred Ganim, MASS is a special collection of furniture made from marble. Presented at Alcova 2021, the series proposes an artistic twist on classic furniture design. The marble slabs are modular and fit together to create different objects like shelves or tables. At the same time, they fulfill the purpose of a functional art object and decorative accent in a room thanks to their Palissandro Bluette marble build and elegant curves.

Unlike the source marble, which takes the form of large cubic volumes at the point of extraction, these slabs feature curved shapes and beautifully carved elements. They contrast the natural state of the stone and also highlight the transformation from organic material to man-made object. At the same time, the curved slabs enhance and showcase the beauty of the marble. The collection comprises small, medium, and large bases with three separate slabs that attach to the bases to create tables or shelving. The MASS series made its debut at the Alcova 2021 exhibition, held during Milan Design Week. Curated by Valentina Ciuffi and architect Joseph Grima, the show also included dozens of other projects that explore a wide range of themes and innovative concepts. Photography© Benjamin Cosmo Westoby, Alcova.

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