Ukrainian design

Over the past few years, Ukrainian design and architecture have started to thrive and gain international recognition. Young creatives are building the country’s contemporary design scene one project at a time. While sometimes inspired by local traditions, natural landscapes, and popular culture, these projects are also imaginative, bold, and avant-garde. Here, you can discover some of the most impressive examples of contemporary Ukrainian design we could find; work completed by talented designers and interior designers, established studios, and artistically minded creatives.

Unlike Scandinavian design, for example, Ukrainian design doesn’t necessarily have a defining characteristic as a whole. On this page, you can browse through a range of designs and see exactly what we mean. Featured projects include everything from interior design with a minimalist aesthetic to organic lighting inspired by cloud formations, and playful furniture that references a popular animation character. Whether simple and minimalist or vibrant and eye-catching, these projects are all highly creative. They include colorful rugs with pixel-style patterns as well as “cocoon” chairs that envelop the user in a warm embrace and provide privacy even in public spaces or common office areas.

Other designs draw inspiration from Nordic design principles. For example, lighting that combines wood and metal materials in clean, understated products with a subtle industrial vibe. Or minimalist shelf systems that focus on function and flexibility, providing an easy way to organize a modern living space. Above all, Ukrainian design is inventive and daring. Think bold concepts, intriguing combinations of materials and colors, and innovative techniques that redefine tradition. From bright colors and organic shapes to simple rounded forms and complementing textures, every one of these designs can easily capture your attention at a glance.

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    Vibrant rugs designed with an abstract, pixel pattern. Ukrainian artist and designer Kristina Gaidamaka creates…

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    Creative lighting designed to resemble cloud formations. Based in Kiev, Ukraine, Sergey Makhno Architects is…

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    Simplicity, an exploration of texture and form as well as functionality combine in every product…