An award-winning cocoon chair design.

Developed for work spaces and home offices, the award-winning Capsule collection offers an ingenious solution to either relax or work in comfort. Kateryna Sokolova, founder of Sokolova Design, designed the line for furniture brand Casala. Inspired by cocoons, the collection of soft seating features rounded forms that create a shelter-like space to enhance both privacy and concentration. The cocoon chair comes in different sizes, but all versions feature the same minimalist design with a distinctive, capsule-like shape. The acoustic absorbing upholstery added on the exterior and interior helps to reduce outside noise. At the same time, this ingenious feature provides more privacy for calls. The user can work more efficiently in a quiet environment or take a moment to relax in peace.

Perfect for offices as well as living spaces, the range features 1-seater, 2-seater, and 3-seater versions. The standard cocoon chair designs come with natural oak legs and a black powder-coated frame. The plush seat and backrest cushions easily attach to the interior with Velcro. Customers can also order the seating with a white powder-coated frame or black varnished oak legs. The dual-tone fabric comes in a range of materials and color combinations, offering a versatile way to complement virtually any décor. The cocoon chair from the Capsule collection has won the German Design Award 2020 in the Office Furniture category. Images courtesy of Kateryna Sokolova.

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