The eco-friendly furniture brand leads the way on sustainability.

While it’s a relatively new company, Danish brand TAKT has already taken the role of leader in sustainable furniture manufacturing. The Copenhagen-based company produces elegantly simple furniture that blends Scandinavian design principles with natural, responsibly sourced materials and eco-friendly crafting methods and finishes. We’ve previously wrote about TAKT’s Cross Chair Tube, a follow-up on the popular Cross Chair designed by London-based studio Pearson Lloyd. The tube version features a recyclable metal frame and FSC-certified wood. It also comes with EU Ecolabel certified fabric upholstery and green packaging. Now, TAKT takes its commitment to sustainability even further.

The brand has published a list of 10 design principles and full CO2 reports for all of its products. Most of the design principles focus on sustainability; whether it’s the use of durable materials with a minimal environmental impact or easy to repair and to recycle products. Furthermore, TAKT has published a complete CO2 report for each product it makes, marking a first in the furniture manufacturing industry. Customers can see the CO2 emissions of every stage of the production process and beyond. The data covers everything from the first piece of wood to the finish, packaging, use phase, and even disposal.

To create the report cards for each piece of furniture, TAKT used the guidelines of the European Commission’s Joint Research Center Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) while sustainability and climate emissions specialists MÅLBAR verified the data. Plus, all products feature a cost breakdown illustration for complete transparency. Photographs© TAKT.

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