Thousand’s Chapter Helmet with a Magnetic Taillight

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A minimalist cycling helmet that comes with a multi-use taillight.

Back in 2015, Thousand launched their first helmet design that provided an elegant solution to stay safe while cycling. The company’s products focus on safety but never sacrifice style. Their Chapter collection is a perfect example. Minimalist and convenient, the Chapter MIPS Helmet offers an array of practical features, all in an elegant design. The helmet is made with MIPS technology to provide an extra layer of protection against concussions. To improve visibility, it comes with a multi-use taillight that attaches magnetically. The user can attach it either to the helmet or to the bike thanks to a multi-use adapter. The 50 lumen light turns on automatically and offers the choice between constant or flashing modes. Easy to charge with the included USB cable, the taillight needs only two hours to charge fully.

The Chapter helmets feature a lightweight build with an in-mold construction that ensures more strength and durability while minimizing weight. Eight vents allow air to flow through the interior channels to keep cyclists comfortably cool, while premium visors enhance the rider’s field of vision and reduce glare. Like the company’s original design, this range features a secret PopLock system to secure the helmet. Other features include an integrated dial fit system and a one-handed magnetic fastener with nylon straps. The CE and CPSC certifications cover bicycle use in the US as well as bicycle + skateboard use in Europe.

Customers can choose between Black, Navy, and White helmet colors that feature Matte Black, Hand-Painted Tortoise Shell, and Metallic Rose Gold visor finishes, respectively. Finally, getting a Thousand helmet comes with an eco-friendly twist: the company offsets 110% of the carbon emissions produced during manufacturing. You can find the Chapter helmets in S, M, and L sizes at a price of $135. Photographs© Thousand.

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