The Vagabund V15 “TinMan” BMW R9T Bike

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A complex build that features a huge amount of custom metalwork and a hydraulic system.

Completed in a collaboration between Austrian workshop Vagabund Moto and expert craftsman Bernard Naumann, this custom bike is impressive from every standpoint. Inspired by Vagabund’s “The Whale” bike, this V15 “TinMan” BMW R9T features a monocoque body with an ingenious hydraulic opening system. The futuristic bike looks effortlessly stylish and dynamic, but it required a lot of work.

Bernard Naumann made all the custom aluminum and stainless steel parts by hand, including the monocoque tank cover and the secondary monocoque part underneath with a remote-controlled opening system with hydraulic shocks. Apart from the handmade metalwork, the bike also features a 3D-printed housing for the remote and a custom subframe. At the front, there’s a custom housing for the Koso Thunderbolt LED headlight as well as a front fender with integrated LED turn signals. Likewise, the back boasts a bespoke rear light with LEDs. Other custom features include an acrylic cover for the Motogadget dash and a custom exhaust system with ceramic coating. The bespoke leather upholstery with perforated seat leather also features a built-in pouch for essentials.

To make sure that the bike is street legal in the client’s location in Spain, the team altered some parts. They designed a custom aluminum air box for the air filter and also integrated the electronics into the new metalwork. Rotobox wheels with Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tires, Rizoma clip-ons, rear plate holder, and footrests complete the build. Finally, the custom paint job highlights the huge amount of work that went into the build. The team used a clear coating for the inner sections of the bodywork to let them shine. For the outer layer, they chose an elegant Mercedes Selenite Gray Magno color. 3D-printed Vagabund emblems add the final finishing touch to this gorgeous custom bike. Photographs© Stefan Leitner.

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