A smart and self-sufficient bicycle helmet designed to keep you safe while cycling.

Funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program that aims to connect designers and material scientists, WertelOberfell ESUB Tracks is a smart piece of bike gear designed with safety in mind. One of the program’s main goals is to develop more eco-friendly printed electronic products that improve both safety and the user experience. Berlin and Munich-based design studio WertelOberfell created the helmet with an elegantly futuristic look. The cutting edge technology influenced the design, as the flat printed organic photovoltaics wrap around the helmet. Thus the whole surface of WertelOberfell ESUB Tracks features sensors that recharge the batteries and transform the helmet into a self-sufficient product.

The helmet features high-end technology to keep the user safe while riding in busy urban environments. Proximity sensors alert the cyclist of approaching vehicles from behind, sending vibrations to the left and right piezoelectric haptic actuators. Furthermore, the user can voice control the printed piezoelectric microphone to turn on the signal indicator lights. Heat-pressed onto the helmet’s leather straps, the printed piezoelectric bone conduction speakers work with Bluetooth. They can play music from a smartphone, but don’t reduce the cyclist’s awareness of surroundings. Other features include a self-adjusting, electric strap system and a lower rear unit that holds the electric components. Photographs© WertelOberfell.

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