You shouldn’t have to invest a lot of money to be able to cycle in comfort and style. Whether you’re saving for a trip around the world, want to start riding a bike but you’re worried about the costs, or if you’re just, you know, renting in New York City, you’ll love our list of items that will help you cycle on a budget. From fenders and lights to wall hooks and bags, here you’ll find a complete range of products to make riding through the city safe, easy, fun, and above all, affordable. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and read on to discover the best cycling items for you.

Ass Savers

A product with an accurate name. The Ass Savers SmartAss Bicycle Rain Fender is ingeniously designed to remain inconspicuous under the saddle, ready to be deployed at the first signs of rain. Perfect for protecting clothing from sleet and rain, this fender will minimize splashes to help you reach your destination with clean clothes. Made in Sweden.

Buy  $12

Schwinn Cutter

Of course, you’ll need a bike in order to cycle. This Cutter Bike from Schwinn Bikes is ideal for those who need an affordable and practical urban bicycle that will handle city streets in style. It comes with a single-speed drivetrain, Schwinn® urban saddle and grips for more comfort, and Freedom Thick Slick tires. With an all-black design, this bike really goes with everything.

Buy $440

Lift Multi-Use Bike Hook

Storing your bike in a compact space is easy thanks to the Lift Bike Hook. Minimalist and elegant, this convenient wall storage hook will look good on any wall and will transform your bike into a part of the décor at the same time. Comes with a bottom guard to keep your walls pristine even if the bike’s tires aren’t. Made of steel, birch and leather.

Buy $78

CO2 Inflator

Keep your bike’s tires in great shape with the CO2 Inflator By Pro Bike Tool. It’s small and compact as well as lightweight, so you can carry it around in a backpack or bag to have it handy in case you need to inflate tires quickly. It’s also easy to use thanks to a 1-turn valve system. Despite its price, this inflator is not made of plastic, but durable aluminum alloy and comes with a secure, tight seal that ensures it will not leak.

Buy $20

Fabric Bike Light FL150

Along with a good helmet, a good light will keep you safe and even help save your life when you ride in low-light conditions. Make sure you invest in a high-quality light you can always rely on. The FL150 Fabric Light is ideal, as it’s made from premium materials and comes with plenty of features. Lightweight and made to last, FL150 has an aluminum body, a CREE 150-lumen headlamp, four LEDs, and a lithium battery you can recharge via USB. Since it has an adjustable mount, the light can be conveniently installed in various places, from the seatpost to the handlebars.

Buy $50

Sixteen Tool

There are as many bicycle tools as there are cyclists on the streets, but the Sixteen Tool is a pretty impressive option for this price. As the name suggests, this multi-tool has 16 functions, to cover virtually anything that may happen on your urban adventures on two wheels. But that’s not all. This bicycle tool is elegant, lightweight, and it also comes with a bottle opener. A winner, in our book.

Buy $30

Cornucopia Bag

Originally designed as a bag for those who love to frequent local farmers’ markets and need a spacious bag, the Cornucopia Bag became so popular that Betabrand adapted it to suit other requirements. Perfect for cyclists, the backpack comes with a water-resistant material that will keep your stuff dry even in pouring rain, ultra-reflective strips for more visibility on the road, a utility loop, and padded shoulder straps. The height is also easy to adjust, as the top rolls down and can be secured with a Velcro strap.

Buy $78

New Balance 600 C-Series

The 600 C-Series Sneakers are created for urban cyclists, blending function, innovation and style perfectly. They come with a perforated upper that shows the reflective material underneath, a speckled rubber outsole, and a hideaway tongue pouch to keep laces tucked away and not in your way. A brown and navy colorway also makes these sneakers a bit more eye-catching than black or gray.

Buy $90

Giro Quarter Helmet

The most important part of your cycling gear, a helmet should be high-quality and reliable. But Giro happens to make great quality helmets with a simple, stylish design at a great price. Case in point? The Quarter™ helmet, which is the most lightweight product currently manufactured by the company. Made with an ABS Shell, the helmet also features a tough outer layer, an EPS liner for impact management, moisture absorbent pads, and a polyurethane coating that helps to protect the liner from wear and tear.

Buy $34

Pedro’s Tire Levers

For urban commuters who use a bike, there are few things more stressful than having to repair a tire while on the way to work. In these cases, it sometimes makes more sense to have a spare inner tube and a pair of good levers to change a tire quickly. These award-winning Tire Levers from Pedro’s are perfect, as they are reliable, made from a tough, proprietary plastic composite blend that won’t bend, and they’re backed by a lifetime warranty.

Buy $5

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