Introducing Wonderstate Coffee

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Great specialty coffee that also serves the collective good.

Founded in 2005, Wonderstate Coffee (formerly known as Kickapoo Coffee) is a Wisconsin-based specialty coffee company that focuses on making great coffee as much as it does on serving the collective good. Founders Denise and TJ Semanchin and Caleb Nicholes are all passionate about excellent beans and the places they come from, selecting only the best coffee for their products. They have also formed strong relationships with farmers and cooperatives, going above and beyond the standard Fair Trade practices. Compared to the standard minimum prices, Wonderstate Coffee pays farmers 80% more. For organic coffee, they pay 50% above the standard. And that’s not all. In 2015, the team achieved the feat of being one of the world’s first 100% solar powered roasteries – in their small town of Viroqua, Wisconsin. However, they couldn’t have done any of this without making great coffee.

Their ethically sourced, organic, and perfectly roasted single origin coffee comes from farms in Ethiopia, Guatemala, Peru, or Colombia. The Wonderstate Coffee shop also features some fantastic coffee blends with rich, fudge-like notes or bright and lively aroma profiles. Customers can select either lighter to medium roast or dark roast varieties. Grind options are diverse and range from whole bean to coarse, drip, fine, and espresso. Decaf options are also available. Finally, the company offers a range of convenient subscriptions. Customers have the choice between Medium Roast, Dark Roast, Espresso, Seasonal, Decaf, Americas, and Africa subscriptions. A special Roaster’s Choice option is also available. Apart from the grind level and bag size, customers can also choose the number of bags per delivery and the frequency of the packages, from weekly, to every two, three, or four weeks. Photographs© Wonderstate Coffee.

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