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A fresh take on modern lamp design.

Founded by high school friends Tomasz Kudelski, Maciej Papinski and Andrzej Ruszkowski, Polish brand Zapalgo aims to revolutionize modern interiors. The founders combine their distinctive sets of skills to make creative lighting and furniture. Co-founder Tomasz Kudelski explains the studio’s approach to design: “We don’t particularly adhere to one style or type of aesthetics. We rather like to mix things together and make something new, maybe extravagant and avant-garde, but easily distinguishable and recognizable.” Apart from their unconventional design, the studio’s projects also have something else in common. Every item’s name finishes in the letter ‘o’ and derives from Esperanto, an artificial language created in the 19th century by Polish linguist Ludwik Zamenhof.

We don’t particularly adhere to one style or type of aesthetics. We rather like to mix things together and make something new, maybe extravagant and avant-garde, but easily distinguishable and recognizable.

Designed by Maciej Papinski, Zapalgo’s copper lamp collection beautifully exemplifies the brand’s unique style. The table, wall, floor, and ceiling lighting feature a blend of industrial, steampunk, and minimalist design. Handmade from copper, the lamps boast an eye-catching metallic finish as well as a range of hues. The different patinas and finishes display an array of colors and textures that further enhance the creative designs. Apart from the classic, golden copper tones, customers can also select between millennial pink, green, turquoise, brass, or black finishes. A striking aged copper finish is also available.

More than just sculptural objects, the lamps feature an ingenious dimmable design. The user can turn the light on and off by touching the copper surface, or gently adjust the intensity. For those with a passion for industrial design, Zapalgo also offers lamps with a vintage-style faucet. The collection includes wildly varied designs, from geometric table lamps to Japanese-inspired copper and wood floor lamps. All of them designed to stand out in any room. Photographs© Zapalgo.

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