We like the new Cannondale Bad Boy 1. Like, really like it. We also think it’s the best commuting bike you can get your hands – and feet – on right now. Especially since it’s been redesigned to look better and more badass than ever before. Apart from good design, which we’re passionate about, this bad boy of commuting complements its good looks with a range of awesome and practical features. Since they also combine with state-of-the-art technology, you have the recipe for the best urban bike.

Before you raise your eyebrows, we know that such a big claim requires some reasoning and cold hard facts to back it up. That’s why we’ve written this handy list. It includes 10 reasons why we think Cannondale Bad Boy 1 is the fierce, indisputable leader of the urban commuting bike pack. So sit back, read on and enjoy the ride.

Why Cannondale Bad Boy 1 Is Unquestionably The Best Urban Bike

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#1 Extremely agile

Cannondale has been building agile bikes for decades, so it comes as no surprise that Bad Boy 1 follows the same path. Featuring the brand’s signature One Piece Integration process and a build which puts an emphasis on System Integration, the bike connects various components into one flawlessly functioning unit that feels incredibly nimble, even in tight corners. The stiff lefty fork, SmartForm C1 premium alloy frame and the 650b wheels enhance that agility and smooth handling further, to help commuters conquer city streets in style.

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#2 Comfortable

Every urban commuting bike should feel comfortable to ride. Because who wants to feel tired and stressed by the time they arrive to work? Thankfully, the Cannondale Bad Boy 1 scores high marks on its comfort levels. The aforementioned 650b wheels come with 40mm tires that minimize bumps and cracks in the road. A Fabric Scoop Radius Elite saddle and Fabric Silicone Cell grips also ensure a more cushy ride, so you can enter the office with a smile on your face.

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#3 Integrated lights

Safety should always come first, so it’s refreshing to see a brand going the extra mile on this front. The Cannondale Bad Boy 1 boasts an integrated Supernova LED lightstrip on the fork. It can be recharged via USB, for more convenience. The seatpost also features red LED lights for more visibility. Both of these features ensure that the rider is visible in low light conditions, which certainly comes in handy early in the morning as well as on late afternoons or early evenings, on the ride back home.

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#4 Smooth to ride

A pleasure to ride, the bike pairs a low-maintenance Gates carbon belt drive with an internal Shimano Alfine 8-speed rear hub. Consequently, changing gears is easy, reliable and smooth, so commuters can take on steep hills without breaking a sweat. The practical belt drive is also almost maintenance-free; unlike greasy chains, it won’t ruin outfits by leaving dark marks on your pants. As a bonus, this system also reinforces the clean, streamlined look of the design.

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#5 Very efficient brakes

Cars in traffic, pedestrians and other potential obstacles you may encounter on your daily commute require some reliable and powerful brakes. Bad Boy comes with Magura MT2 hydraulic disc brakes which give commuters complete control and confidence. The braking is responsive even in rainy conditions, bringing peace of mind that you’ll be able to quickly stop the bike when and if needed.

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#6 Stable

Inspired by mountain bikes, the handlebar is flat and wide, providing more stability while riding through city streets. Of course, the way Bad Boy 1 is built also makes the bike feel ultra-stable and solid. From the wider tire and the SmartForm C1 premium alloy frame to the 3-D forged technology and the integration of the custom parts, this urban street conqueror is designed with stability and reliability in mind.

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#7 Gorgeous

If you read our blog, you probably love good design just as much as we do. You also understand why good design is such a crucial component of any product, bikes included. That’s why we had to add the bike’s stunning good looks to the list. This head turner features clean lines, a modern aesthetic and timeless black and dark gray tones. The standout element? The gorgeous lefty fork that will surely make fellow commuters drool.

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#8 Zippy and fast

Like all great brands that do things differently, Cannondale used mountain bikes as a source of inspiration for Bad Boy 1. Apart from the wide handlebar, lefty fork and 650b wheels, the entire geometry of the frame features references to the more adventurous bikes. The result? A zippy, fast ride with a more forward racing-style seat position that also provides great visibility.

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#9 Durable

With Cannondale, one takes durability and premium quality for granted. But this bicycle also features the brand’s signature Urban Armor system. The sides of the top tube boast a soft, padded trim that protects the paint from dents and dings when the bike is placed against a wall or a pole, or simply locked to a rack.

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#10 Kickstand adapter

We added this point because we’re pretty sure the kickstand adapter is a clever ploy to sort the ones who deserve to ride this awesome bike vs. the ones who don’t. We’d NEVER add a kickstand to any of our bikes. But adding one on a Bad Boy 1? It would be criminal. If we sound like our blood pressure is up, that’s because it is. We love bikes too much and this bad boy has a special place in our hearts.

There. We just gave you 10 reasons why Cannondale Bad Boy 1 is the best urban bike. But to be fair, we could have given you just one.

We know, and you certainly know, that there are many good urban bikes out there. Yet this is not just a “good” bicycle. It’s the badass bike the commuting world didn’t even realize it desperately needed. Thrilling and fierce, this bad boy is here to shake things up; to make even going to work early in the morning feel fun. The ride back home even better. And it does it all in the unmistakable Cannondale style. All images © Gessato.

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