A furniture company that aims to modernize Danish design.

Copenhagen-based company A. Petersen aims to revive the Danish design tradition with a collection of furniture that celebrates contemporary Scandinavian design as well as craftsmanship and quality. The brand collaborates with Danish designers to produce furniture that is not only beautiful and creative, but also lasts for at least a lifetime. A. Petersen works with local craftspeople to ensure the quality of each piece of furniture while also using modern techniques to optimize the production process for the 21st century. Finally, the brand values sustainability and environmentally conscious design. For example, the multifunctional Modul sofa that doubles as a daybed features eelfrass stuffing. This material is as comfortable as foam, but is completely natural and sustainable as well as locally sourced.

The A. Petersen collection includes designs created by Ole Schjøll, Dan Svarth, Chris L. Halstrøm, Knud Holscher, and Line Depping, among others. Products range from tables with eye-catching bases reminiscent of industrial structures to minimalist seating and playful home accessories. Elegant and distinctive yet also focused on function, the collection represents a new chapter in the saga of Danish design.

A. Petersen has opened a showroom in Copenhagen to present the collection in style. Located in an old building on Amager island, the space combines the A. Petersen Collection & Craft showroom with a retail area and a workshop. The 3daysofdesign annual event, held in the city from the 16th to the 18th of September, offers a great way for design lovers from Copenhagen, Denmark, and the rest of the world to see the collection and admire the designs – and their flawless craftsmanship – up close. Photography© A. Petersen.

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