A modern sofa collection inspired by various art movements from the 20th century.

Created by Daria Zinovatnaya for Italian furniture brand Adrenalina, the Leo collection showcases the designer’s love of geometry and color. The line also perfectly captures the company’s approach to furniture design. Every Adrenalina product aims to re-imagine simple furniture as sculptural and architectural objects that bring more vibrancy to interiors. To achieve this, the Leo collection draws inspiration from several art movements of the 20th century. The designer referenced constructivism, suprematism, and abstract art in the designs, along with postmodernism and Memphis Group’s masterful use of color. Safe to say, the Leo series doesn’t fade into the background.

Bold and vibrant, the sofa, armchair and table blend clean geometric forms with striking color combinations. “I put all of myself in what I design. You cannot always explain why you do what you do: there are times when I’ll think of something and sit down to draw it. I can’t tell what’s behind that, except my love for color and geometry,” says Daria Zinovatnaya.

The range comprises two-seat and three-seat sofas as well as an armchair and a matching table. All of them feature slender iron legs and frames completed with a bright finish and upholstery – or table tops – with contrasting hues. Alternating full and empty spaces along with the blend of metal structures and soft textiles give an eye-catching look to the designs. Handcrafted in Italy, the products are suitable for either residential or contract applications. Customers can also choose the upholstery color from a wide range of options; available choices include both vibrant hues like purple, yellow, and red, or more subdued options like gray and white. Photographs© Adrenalina.

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