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A serene retreat set on a working farm in Chile.

Back in the early ‘90s, travel company andBeyond opened its first retreat, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Focused on sustainable conservation, the lodge embodied the company’s ambitious dream of developing and supporting wildlife sanctuaries via responsible tourism. More than 25 years later, the brand has expanded its portfolio with lodges in various other African countries while also extending its touring expertise to different Indian regions. Now, andBeyond takes on South America. Located outside Pucón, Chile, andBeyond Vira Vira is the company’s first retreat on the continent.

“It took us 27 years to get to the point where we felt we had really started to deliver consistently on our ethos of Care of the Land, Care of the People, Care of the Wildlife in Africa. We believe that the expertise and knowledge we have gained during this process will enable us to also have a meaningful impact in South America,” says &Beyond CEO Joss Kent. Set on a flourishing working farm with 22 hectares of land, the retreat allows guests to relax in the middle of nature and get a taste of real Chile.

The pristine landscape includes natural lagoons, lush vegetation, and rainforests, along with the picturesque village of Pucón. Travelers can also explore the nearby area, from the shores of Lake Villarrica to forests with 1000-year-old conifers. However, before discovering the surroundings, guests have plenty to enjoy close to the lodge. The complex features six suites and 12 villas as well as five rooms in the farm building. A library, spa, and jacuzzis are also included.

Owners Michael and Claudia Paravicini have worked with architect and furniture designer Santiago Valdés and interior designer Cristian Valdés to give the farm a modern-rustic aesthetic. Traditional and contemporary elements combine throughout the complex. Lenga wood, large windows and leather upholstery gives the lodge a warm and welcoming feel. At the same time, artisan Chilean textiles, Mapuche artifacts, and works by local artists enhance the interior’s bohemian atmosphere. Apart from the organic vegetable garden and modern cheese factory, Vira Vira has strict ecological standards in place. The award-winning restaurant operates according to “farm to table” principles. It produces all of the required ingredients on site, while the wine list features over 1000 Chilean wines.

When not lounging in the library with a book, drinking a glass of wine in the bar, or admiring the stars from a jacuzzi, guests can also enjoy a huge range of activities. These include horse riding, white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, and skiing, to name a few. An ideal getaway for those who love eco-tourism, andBeyond Vira Vira opens its doors to guests on 1 September, 2018. Photographs© andBeyond.


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