Delicate pendant lights inspired by air bubbles wrapped in a liquid.

Minimalist lighting design often delights with imaginative concepts that don’t sacrifice refinement. The Awa series of pendant lights is a perfect example. Designed by Fumie Shibata for Czech lighting brand Brokis, this collection draws inspiration from the Japanese word “awa”, which refers to air bubbles wrapped in liquid. Delicate and elegant, the pendants boast rounded glass diffusers in different shapes and sizes. Their almost ethereal look alludes to the collection’s concept of transposing ephemeral bubbles in a solid form. The silhouette of the pendants also references traditional glass blowing techniques. More specifically, the moment when glass-makers inflate the glass to create the desired shapes.

Apart from the delicate diffusers, the designer created the Awa pendant lights with wood and metal details. While made to look like glass, these elements remind of cork stoppers and seem to hold the air inside the bubbles. Edison light bulbs add a vintage touch to the design and enhance its industrial vibe further. Beautifully crafted, the Awa pendant lights come in three glass options: clear, warm brown, and smoked gray. Customers can select between different sizes and install the pendants in asymmetric compositions to create a light sculpture in a spacious living room or dining room. Alternatively, the pendants work well on their own, especially in a minimalist interior. Photographs© Brokis.

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