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Back beat co. is a California-based and born lifestyle brand founded by Isadora Alvarez. The brand is known for its laid-back and modern Cali-inspired basics, which sustainably incarnate its “Easy Livin’” philosophy.

At Back beat co. social responsibility and sustainability are the principles that permeate every aspect of the production. This approach translates into the care they put into producing high-quality clothes made of sustainable fabrics by people who create them in safe working conditions.

Back beat co.’s team sources low-impact fabrics that are either recycled or manufactured from sustainably managed plants. Their collections are currently made with recycled cotton, linen, Tencel, hemp, and organic cotton. Hemp is a biodegradable fabric made with strong fibers that work well with dyes, making it an excellent material for clothes meant to stand the test of time. Organic cotton is more sustainable than its conventional counterpart as the fibers used as raw material come from plants farmed with practices that, according to Textile Exchange Organic Cotton Market Report 2021, better the soil’s structure, reducing its erosion and sustaining the growth of its fauna.

Their clothes are ethically made in Los Angeles to keep the production local and further lower the brand’s overall environmental impact. The fabrics are knitted locally, and the facilities where the pattern-making, sewing, dyeing, and sampling take place are all within 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) of each other. The designs behind Back beat co. pieces are vintage-inspired with retro-looking cuts and colors and modern touches that make them contemporary and wearable.


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Roberta Fabbrocino is a journalist and environmentalist specialized in circular economy, green innovation, climate change, and sustainable fashion. She writes for Gessato, Lampoon, Luxiders, Lifegate, and many other publications and creates content for green brands.


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